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Your home’s entry point is an insight into your life! Your porch is one spot of your home that plays an essential role the whole year-round, especially during festivities. While you might have stuck to the basics of decorating your porch, it’s time to revamp it with a few guiding points. Be it the addition of outdoor furniture, lights, or a garden coffee table, the below-listed considerations are a must for anyone looking to redecorate their porch.


Upgrade your basic additions: Be it a simple flat or a bungalow front, all of them come with certain additions like a mailbox or a doorbell. Upgrade these additions to match the overall style of your home. However, if you are satisfied with the additions your house came with, try amping it with minor tweaks such as coloring it or adding art to it. You can start by giving life to the plain old number plate of house.


The right lights go a long way: A well-lit porch is essential! Not just for a warm welcome for you and your guests but also the security and visibility of the entrance to your abode. Apart from choosing the right fixture that compliments your preferred style and brightness, it is crucial to look at the proportions. Your exterior wall light should be 1/4th the size of your door. If possible, with your given space, add fixtures to both sides of the wall next to your door. Most importantly, match the lights to the interior and exterior of your home. Even the lights you choose are an extension of you! So pick carefully.


Add character with color: There are more than a few ways to add character to your porch. However, the most vivid addition is that of color. Adding color to your patio brightens not only the appearance but also gives life. It is not necessary to add color only through painting the door in a lovely shade; one can do this with the addition of plants as well. If you are skeptical about coloring your entrance, add glamour to it with the addition of colorful planters, a quirky doormat, door hangings, or a piece of patio furniture. Make sure to stick to a maximum of 4 solid pieces to add color; any more than that will surely end up looking crowded.


Enhance it with accessories: Depending on the space you have, you can accessorize your porch to look its best. The sky is your limit, from adding fun pieces like an outdoor patio table or a garden table set to simpler outdoor furniture with multiple planters! However, it is crucial to use materials such as wicker for your outdoor furniture as its durability in various weather conditions is higher. The entrance of your home is equally important as the interior, so give it a touch of your style with the multitude of accessorizing options!


Don’t decorate for the moment: It is crucial that you decorate your porch, keeping in mind the weather conditions and events year-round. Your porch should be a multipurpose place where an outdoor patio table can also serve as a spot to relax. Keep in mind the materials of furniture and accessories, type of paint, and even the durability of plants you add to your porch. It needs to be a flexible space to serve you well during festivities too.

Allin all, the idea is to keep your porch simple while adding character to it!

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